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Quality Meat Cold Room Quality Meat Cold Room Quality Meat Cold Room Quality Meat Cold Room Quality Meat Cold Room

Quality Meat Cold Room


+5 ~ -5°C (This temperature range is for keeping Vegetable, Fruit,Egg, Soft Drink and etc.)

-10 ~ -25°C (This temperature range is for keeping Meat, Seafood, Ice Cream Vegetable and etc.)

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Product Information

It can be widely used for food industry, hotels, medicine, agriculture, chemical and some other industries, which has strict requirement for the temperature and environment, such as agricultural product processing and storage, hotels, supermarket, blood banks, poultry slaughter and processing, aquaculture and processing, mushroom cultivation, dairy production, pharmaceutical processing and logistics, beverage production and processing, beer production and cooling, large-scale logistics storage, chemical product cooling and so on.



Voltage(V): 380V/50Hz, 380V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz optional

Cooling model: Air cooled / water cooled / evaporation cooled

Compressor: American Copeland, Germany Bitzer, Italy Refcomp etc

Dimension(M): Room size(L*W*H) can be customized

Panel Material: PU panel, 42 kg/m3 density

Panel Thickness: 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, etc

Steel Plate Thickness: 0.5mm/0.6mm

Cold Room Doors: Hinged door, Sliding door, double swing door etc

Cold Room Door: Size0.8*1.8 meters, door size can be customized

Temp Controller: Thermostat

Defrost Type: Electric defrosting

Capacity: 3CBM~5000CBM

Applications: Storage Meat, vegetable, Food, Fish, fruits, medicine, chemical etc


Panel Suggested

*Official foam panel: 50mm thickness

*Processing room: 10℃50mm/75mm PU

*5℃: 75mm/100mm PU

*-18℃: 100mm/150mm PU

*-25℃/-35℃: 150mm/200mm PU

*Panel steel cover: SS, GI, aluminium etc

Temperature table for reference

Processing room: 10℃

Fruit, vegetable, dry good: 0℃~-5℃

Medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material: 0℃~-5℃

Ice storage room: -5℃~-10℃

Fish, meat storage: -18℃~-25℃

Deep freezer: -25℃~-35℃


Cold Room Panel

Optional 1:

PU sandwich panel is composed of 2 layers of weather-proof colored steel sheets and jetted the hard forms of polyurethane between 2 layers which feature fireproof materials. It is suitable for the various roofs and walls referring to the large-size factory buildings, storage, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, freezing stores, purification workshop, etc, which features temp-keeping, heat insulation, weight-bearing, weatherproof with the rich colorfulness and good appearance.


Option 2:

Cam lock PU panel joined together by means of tongue and groove and locked together by cam- lock on each side of the panel to ensure air tight joints. There’s no need of rivets, thus reduce the cost and save the time. It has good performance in self-locking, strength and service life.


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