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Prefab farm house


Light gauge steel farm house , and prefab steel framed homes

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Product Information

Specification of Light Gauge Steel Framing Villa House

Main structure: Light gauge steel framing, thickness 0.8~1.2mm, Z275/AZ150,  G550

Exterior Wall system: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+Bulu board+breathing  paper+Outer decoration material

Interior Wall System:

Waterproof wall: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+PE waterproof film+Cement  board+wall tile

Ordinary wall: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+Gypsum  board+Putty+Paint

Roof: Light gauge steel roof truss+glass wool+SBS waterproof film+roof  tile

Ceiling: Gypsum board or aluminum ceiling

Floor: Wooden or tile

Window: Aluminum alloy or plastic steel

Door: Steel security door/ wooden door/ aluminum alloy door

Other fittings optional: Shower room, toilet, kitchen

Lifespan: 70 years

Performance and advantages:

Wind Resistance

Light Weight

Thermal Insulation

Snow load and Moisture Proof

Long Life Span

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