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Modern luxury villa house Modern luxury villa house Modern luxury villa house Modern luxury villa house Modern luxury villa house

Modern luxury villa house


Two storeys light steel villa house, luxury resort house villa


Total Area: 383.93m2

Stories: 2

Bedroom: 6

Bathroom: 5

Garage: 2

Height: 9.45m

Width: 14.3m

Depth: 16.6m

Price: $72,300/set

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First floor


Second floor


Specification of Light Gauge Steel Framing Villa House

Main structure: Light gauge steel framing, thickness 0.8~1.2mm, Z275/AZ150, G550

Exterior Wall system: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+Bulu board+breathing paper+Outer decoration material

Interior Wall System:

Waterproof wall: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+PE waterproof film+Cement board+wall tile

Ordinary wall: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+Gypsum board+Putty+Paint

Roof: Light gauge steel roof truss+glass wool+SBS waterproof film+roof tile

Ceiling: Gypsum board or aluminum ceiling

Floor: Wooden or tile

Window: Aluminum alloy or plastic steel

Door: Steel security door/ wooden door/ aluminum alloy door

Other fittings optional: Shower room, toilet, kitchen

Lifespan: 70 years

Performance and advantages:

Wind Resistance

Light Weight

Thermal Insulation

Snow load and Moisture Proof

Long Life Span


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