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3 Bedroom Multi-function room 3 Bedroom Multi-function room 3 Bedroom Multi-function room 3 Bedroom Multi-function room 3 Bedroom Multi-function room

3 Bedroom Multi-function room


141m2 one storey steel villa house, 3 Bedroom Multi-function room


Total Area: 141.6m2

Stories: 1

Bedroom: 3

Bathroom: 2

Garage: 1

Height: 5.5m2

Width: 14.58m

Depth: 11.7m

Price: $36,800/set

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Product Information



Specification of Light Gauge Steel Framing Villa House

Main structure: Light gauge steel framing, thickness 0.8~1.2mm, Z275/AZ150, G550

Exterior Wall system: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+Bulu board+breathing paper+Outer decoration material

Interior Wall System:

Waterproof wall: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+PE waterproof film+Cement board+wall tile

Ordinary wall: Light gauge steel frame+Glass wool+Gypsum board+Putty+Paint

Roof: Light gauge steel roof truss+glass wool+SBS waterproof film+roof tile

Ceiling: Gypsum board or aluminum ceiling

Floor: Wooden or tile

Window: Aluminum alloy or plastic steel

Door: Steel security door/ wooden door/ aluminum alloy door

Other fittings optional: Shower room, toilet, kitchen

Lifespan: 70 years

Performance and advantages:

Wind Resistance

Light Weight

Thermal Insulation

Snow load and Moisture Proof

Long Life Span

Easy and fast build

Design Principles

The bedroom is the main place for people to rest. The bedroom is well arranged and directly affects people's life, work and study, so the bedroom is also one of the design priorities of the home decoration. The bedroom should be designed with practicality in mind, followed by decoration. Specifically, we should grasp the following principles:

Female bedroom

1, to ensure privacy. Intimacy is the most important attribute of the bedroom. It is not only a place for people to rest, but also a place for couples to love and communicate. It is the most warm and romantic space in the family.

The bedroom should be quiet and soundproof. It can be made of sound-absorbing decorative materials; the door is preferably completely closed with opaque material. In some designs, in order to collect light, it is extremely undesirable to put the bedroom door on transparent glass or frosted glass.

2, the use is convenient. In the bedroom, a large amount of clothes and bedding are usually placed, so the storage space must be considered when decorating, not only large but also convenient to use.

It is best to have bedside tables on both sides of the bed for placing desk lamps, alarm clocks and other things that can be touched by hand. Some bedrooms have more functions, and should also consider the arrangement of the dressing table and the desk.

3, the decoration style should be simple. The function of the bedroom is mainly to sleep and rest. It is a private space and is not open to the guests. Therefore, the bedroom decoration does not have to have too many shapes. Usually, there is no need for a ceiling. The more simple the wall is, the better. Usually, the latex paint can be used. The walls on the wall can be appropriately shaped and embellished.

The wall decoration of the bedroom should not be too much, and it should be properly matched with the wall materials and furniture. The style and mood of the bedroom are not determined by the hard decoration of walls, floors, ceilings, etc., but by the soft decoration of curtains, bedspreads, wardrobes, etc. They are large in size, and their patterns and colors often dominate the bedroom. Style, become the main theme of the bedroom.

4, color, pattern should be harmonious. The color of the bedroom is composed of two aspects. When decorating, the wall, the floor and the top surface have their own colors, and the area is very large. The curtains and bedspreads in the later accessories also have their own colors, and the area is also large.

The color matching of the two should be harmonious. To determine a main color, such as a wallpaper with bright colors on the wall, the color of the curtain should be lighter, otherwise the color of the room will be too strong and it will be too crowded; The walls are white, and the colors of the curtains can be thicker.

The color and pattern of fabric accessories such as curtains and bedspreads should be unified to avoid the color and pattern of the room being too complicated and giving a messy feeling. In addition, for smaller bedrooms, the decorative materials should be warmer and lighter.

The bedroom of the elderly should use a cool blue and greenish color, and the pattern should be delicate and elegant; the color of the children's room should be novel and bright, and the pattern should be lively;

Young people's bedrooms should choose a new, chic, cheerful and relaxed pattern. If the room is dark and the light is insufficient, it is best to use a warm warm tone.

5, lighting should pay attention to. Try not to use a ceiling-mounted chandelier that is too decorative. It will not only create a lot of dark corners in your room, but also create too much light on the top of your head. The lights will be glaring when you look up on the bed.

It is best to use a light that is illuminated upwards, either the roof is high and the light is soft and not directly visible. In addition to the main light source, a table lamp or wall lamp should be provided for reading at night or before going to bed.

In addition, a few spotlights are designed in the corner to adjust the color of the room with different colored lights. For example, the yellow light will add a romantic atmosphere to the bedroom.


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