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steel structure warehouse door options

2020/1/7 10:21:32

steel structure warehouse door options

The entrance to your steel structure warehouse is as important as the roof overhead. That is why it is necessary to think about the type of door for your warehouse in advance.

Rolling door

It is the most frequent door for steel structure buildings, no matter warehouse, workshop or garage. It can be open by manual if the size is not very large, but most users will choose electric rolling door with motor.

Sliding door

Large double sliding door is very common for warehouse. There is no limited for the size and save space when opening. The materials can be single layer steel sheet or insulated sandwich panel.

Single entrance door

Sometimes single door also is necessary for the steel structure warehouse, especially for workers on and off duty, or as access for a small garage.

Folding door

This type door is suitable for very large door hole, especially hangar. It need to be customized and special designed. Because of its large size and heavy weight, most of them need motor to control, so its cost also is much higher than other doors.

Which type door is the most suitable one for the warehouse? This decided by your application, request size and budget.

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steel structure warehouse manufacture

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