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poultry farm house design prefab chicken farm

2020/9/8 14:02:18

  Pre engineered steel structure building poultry farm is a Green economy building system, which is formed by the main structure (H-section steel for beam/column, C channel steel or Z channel steel for purlin), substructure (Round steel bar or Angle steel for bracing, Round steel tube for tie bar, Angle steel for angle brace), roof and wall system (using sandwich panel or single steel sheet), door and window system. Pre engineered steel structure building building is widely used as warehouse, workshop, hangar, shed, etc..

poultry farm house design prefab chicken farm.png

  Advantages of chicken farm building design poultry house

  1) Easy to assemble and disassemble with simple and common tools.

  2) Good waterproof performance without extra facilities.

  3) Good fireproof performance with rockwool sandwich panel.

  4) Good performance of heat-insulation.

  5) Safety and stable, could stand firmly over 50 years.

  6) Light weight, convenient for shipment and transportation.

  7) Beautiful appearance, various colors and shapes for outer and inner roof panel and wall panel.

  8) Various designs available customized designs acceptable.

  9) Wide range of application, could be used as offices, command posts, sentry boxes, dormitories, workshops, Kiosks and so on.

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