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light steel structure

2019/4/23 15:36:15

Steel structure installation

Prefabrication of steel components

Prefabrication and assembly of steel components on steel platforms in accordance with the installation sequence and process requirements,to ensure the quality of welding.we are provide light steel structure,you can know it. 

The spacing between the splicing seam of the splicing flange plate of the section steel and the splicing seam of the web shall be greater than 200 mm. The splicing length of the flange plate shall not be less than 2 times the width of the plate; the splicing width of the web shall not be less than 300 mm, and the length shall not be less than 600 mm.

In order to facilitate the welding and ensure the welding quality, the reinforcing ribs, connecting plates, backing plates, and beams (beams) on the columns and beams should be welded to the ground steel platform according to the construction drawing size.

In addition to the construction drawings and specifications required for the steel components prefabricated on the steel platform, the processability and installation dimensions of the on-site installation should also be considered.

Steel structure application range

With the continuous development of China's national economy and the progress of science and technology, the application scope of steel structure in China is also expanding. According to the characteristics of the steel structure itself, combined with the development of China's national economy, the reasonable application scope of steel structure in the field of civil engineering is as follows:

(1) Industrial plant

Industrial plants can be divided into light, medium and heavy industrial plants, depending on whether the crane is installed and the tonnage of the crane and the frequency of operation. For example, steelmaking workshops, forging workshops, etc. In recent years, the application of lightweight portal frame structures in industrial plants is very common.

(2) Large span structure

The large-span structure can give full play to the advantages of high strength and light weight of the steel structure. For example, gymnasiums, convention centers, hangars, theaters, etc. Especially in bridge engineering such as suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges.

(3) Multi-layer and high-rise structures

The high-rise structure, especially the super high-rise structure, can give full play to the advantages of high steel structure strength, good plasticity, toughness and superior seismic performance. For example, office buildings, hotels, residences, etc. In recent years, with the increasing steel output in China, the application of steel structures in multi-storey, high-rise and super-tall buildings will be more extensive.

light steel structure

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