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Why is the 20ft folding container house is so popular

2020/12/21 16:37:38

1.Fast and easy to assemble 

The prefab foldable container house is popular among our customers as they can save the local labor . Our engineer team in WZH GROUP has been take some energy to develop this kind of house . 

It can be take only 5 minutes by 2-3 skilled workers .

2.Flexible combination 

The 20 ft folding container house is around 14.5 m2 , comes with 1 door , 2 window and the circuit which assembled on the wall . It is also no problem to combined together by horizontal and vertical ways to meet different application . The most used is at the camping site as the office , meeting room ,  labor dormitory etc . 


1)Smaller package sizes 

The package size is 5800*2500*400 mm . Only 400 mm thick of the packages . Then can load 10 units per 40 ft high cubic shipping container . Loading more , means the transport cost lower . 

2)it can be used repeatedly and very easy to move from one building site to another site by truck .

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