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What should be paid attention to in steel structure construction?

2019/7/2 10:24:25

With modern attention to the construction industry and the variability of materials, we often choose steel structures for construction. In the construction process, how should we guarantee construction safety?

1.Safety warning signs must be hung on the main steel structure construction site, operation point and danger zone. The nighttime construction is equipped with sufficient lighting. The power lines must be erected and managed by professional electricians, and red light warnings should be set according to regulations, and emergency lighting with self-contained power supply should be installed.

2.During the construction of the season, carefully implement the seasonal construction safety protection measures and do a good job in contact with the meteorological observatory. During the rainy season, a special person is responsible for releasing the weather forecast and timely reporting all construction personnel. Reserve enough spare materials such as water pump, lead wire, tarpaulin, plastic film, etc. to prevent it from happening. During the flood season and the typhoon storm, organize relevant personnel to take emergency measures in time and on time. After the storm, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the large-scale machinery, temporary facilities, and power lines on the site, and continue construction after confirming that the safety is correct.

3.Before entering the machine, the newly entered machinery and equipment must be inspected, identified and commissioned in accordance with the technical test procedures and relevant regulations of the mechanical equipment. After the experience is accepted, it can be put into use. The driving road of large cranes must be solid and reliable, and the construction site must be leveled and reinforced, and the bearing capacity of the foundation meets the requirements.

4.Steel structure hoisting operations shall define dangerous areas, hang obvious safety signs, and close the hoisting operation area, and set up special personnel to strengthen safety warnings to prevent other personnel from entering the hoisting danger zone. When hoisting construction, special personnel should be set to listen to the weather forecast. When the wind speed reaches 15m/s6 or above, the lifting operation must be stopped, and the precautionary inspection work before and after the typhoon thunderstorm weather should be done.we provide steel structure house,you can know it.

5.The construction site must select signal commanders and squadrons with rich hoisting experience. The operators must check the body before construction, and must not arrange high-altitude operations for personnel suffering from diseases that are not suitable for high-altitude operations. The operator must be certified to work, and the hoisting hook personnel must be relatively fixed. The slings are equipped to be complete, standardized and effective, and must be inspected before use and during use. When hoisting work, it is necessary to unify the order, clearly command, and cooperate closely. When the components are hoisted, when the components are off the ground, the lifting is suspended, and the slings and fixtures are thoroughly inspected to ensure that all aspects are safe and reliable before lifting.

6.The hoisted components should be assembled on the ground as much as possible. The assembly platform should be well and the strength should be ensured. The assembled components should adopt reliable anti-tip measures. When working in high-altitude operations such as electric welding and high-strength bolts, it is necessary to provide edge protection and reliable safety measures. When working, you must wear a safety belt and wear non-slip shoes. If you need to walk on the components, you must pre-attach the steel cables on the components, and the ropes are tightened with the basket bolts to ensure safety. And fasten the seat belt to the safety cable while walking. Operators should pass through the prescribed passages and walkways and must not climb on non-regulated passages.

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The oil and paint that we usually use on the steel structure site must be set up by special personnel for storage. Most of the materials used in anti-corrosion coating construction are flammable products. Most of the solvents have different degrees of toxicity and should be highly valued and paid attention to.

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