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What Is Walk-in-Cold-Storage-Refrigeration-Room

2021/4/27 15:09:55

Walk-in-Cold-Storage-Refrigeration-Room can be used in industries that have strict requirements on the environment and temperature, such as food, hotels, and supermarkets. Walk-in-Cold-Storage-Refrigeration-Room is usually used as a medium-term cold storage, standard refrigerators are used as short-term storage, and cold storage is used as a long-term storage.
Just like any refrigeration system, the Walk-in-Cold-Storage-Refrigeration-Room uses the evaporator inside the device and the condenser outside the device to transfer heat to the outside, thereby cooling the inside.
Our Walk-in-Cold-Storage-Refrigeration-Room can provide reliable and efficient environmental control for various applications, and is simple, easy to use, and has an easy-to-maintain control system.

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