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WZH Two Floors Steel Villa House China

2021/6/1 16:15:36

The two floor steel villa has a useable lifespan of more than 50 years. Villas have a fire resistant rating of 1 to 4 hours, which can designed according to your requirements. In addition to light steel villas, we also offer steel structure building, container house, sandwich panel, prefabricated house, and profiled steel.
HEBEI WEIZHENGHENG MODULAR HOUSE TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD (WZHGROUP)is focused on providing integrated housing solutions for the construction builders, design institutes, developers and construction material traders. WZHGROUP mainly provides steel struture buildings, such as warehouse, workshop, hangar, steel structure chicken house, light steel villa, prefab house,container house, as well as steel building materials such as steel sheet, floor deck sheet, sandwich panels,c profiles etc.

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