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Steel structure production process

2019/5/24 10:32:31

Everyone knows that when we produce steel structures, we have a lot of requirements to comply with them. Let's take a look.we provide steel structure house,you can know it.

1.Steel, welding materials, coating materials and fasteners used in steel structure processing shall have a quality certificate and must meet the design requirements and current standards.

2.In addition to the factory's factory quality certificate, the raw materials entering the factory shall be witnessed, sampled, sampled, inspected and accepted by the witnesses of Party A and the supervisor according to the contract requirements and relevant current standards. Good check the record. And provide inspection reports to Party A and the supervisor.

3.In the process of processing, if the raw materials are found to be defective, they must be studied and processed by the inspectors and the competent technical personnel.

4.The substitute for materials shall be submitted by the manufacturer in advance with an application form (technical approval form) with a certificate of materials. After being submitted to Party A and the supervisor for review, it may be replaced by the design unit.

5.It is strictly forbidden to use the welding rod with the peeling off of the medicine or the rust of the welding core, the wetted or agglomerated flux and the rusted welding wire. The studs used for stud welding shall have no defects on the surface that may affect the use of cracks, streaks, dents and burrs.

6.The welding materials should be managed centrally and a dedicated warehouse should be established. The warehouse should be dry and well ventilated.

7.Bolts should be stored in a dry and ventilated room. The acceptance of high-strength bolts shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of JGJ82, the current national standard “Design, Construction and Acceptance Procedures for High-Strength Bolt Connections of Steel Structures”. It is strictly forbidden to use high strength of corrosion, contamination, moisture, bumps and mixed batches. bolt.

When manufacturing steel structures, we should strictly follow the production conditions, require processing, safe production, and daily use.

As always, we insist on customer first, quality assurance, and honesty. The letter-based business philosophy is the right choice for enterprise development.

In the future development path, our company will continue to adhere to the quality of technology as the core competitiveness, based on excellent products and sincere service, has fully satisfied the needs of customers as their responsibility, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

Established a good corporate image of Shunda among the vast number of customers. "Quality First, Customer First" is the business philosophy of our company's sustainable development. All employees of our company wholeheartedly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate and seek for greater development.

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