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Steel structure calculation and quotation points

2019/10/17 13:48:17

Steel structure calculation and quotation points

First, the drawings: According to the drawings catalogue, check the number of drawings and check whether there are any omissions.

Second, the construction drawing

1.General description of the design

1.1 Building area, structural form, column spacing, span, structural arrangement;

1.2 Scope of calculation of engineering quantity: Regarding structure, roofing, wall surface, doors and windows, etc., clearly clarify the scope of bidding;

1.3 Selection of materials and specifications, technical requirements;

1.4 Paint or painting requirements and fire rating of steel structures.

2. Floor plan, elevation, and section:

It can count the engineering quantity of doors and windows, indoor and outdoor steel ladders, roof color plates, lighting panels, wall color panels, roof ventilators, canopies, downpipes, water-filling parts, gutters, etc. When counting, the material, specification and model of each material should be indicated.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house,we can guarantee quality.

2.2 The calculation of the height (or length) of the stiffener, the truss truss and the parapetal truss bracket corresponding to the variable H-section members (beams and columns) can be calculated based on the average height of the H-section of the beam and column. .

2.3 The length of the roof rafters is calculated according to the length of the road. The gap between the rafters is not deducted. In addition, the length of the rafters occupied by the roof girders should be added. For example, the axis indicates the centerline of the roof girders. Length = axis length + roof beam width.

2.4 For the calculation of wall purlins, it should be noted whether the door post and the door beam are double-split strips, and whether there are double-split strips in other parts.

2.5 The length of the drawbar is calculated by adding 50mm to each end of the corresponding beam spacing, and the length of each tie rod is increased by 100mm.

2.6 Calculation of the over-water fittings

2.6.1 Calculation range: the slab cover, the flooding plate at the interface between the gutter and the roof panel and the parapet wall, the flooding plate at the interface between the gable and the roof panel, the topping plate on the wall of the daughter, and the corner of the wall. The edge board, the edge board around the door and window, the flood board at the junction of the wall panel and the brick wall, the flood board at the junction of the wall and the canopy, and the edge board around the canopy. If it is a double-layer board, calculate the edge parts at the interfaces of the inner panel of the roof and the inner panel of the wall.

2.6.2 About the width of the edged flooding plate: Under normal circumstances, the expanded width of the edged flooding member can be calculated from 300~400mm, and the expanded width of the daughter wall pressing top and the roof slab is calculated according to 500~700mm. In actual calculation, it can be calculated according to the corresponding joint detail of the design.

2.7 The webs of variable-section beams and columns shall be calculated according to the net weight when bidding, subcontracting and cost calculation, and shall be calculated according to the external rectangle when handling settlement with Party A. All kinds of connecting plates are calculated according to the external rectangle.

3. The part that cannot be repeated

3.1 High-strength bolts: The connection between the column beams and the connection between the crane beams is shared by the two members and cannot be calculated once for one member.

3.2 Roof support, tie rods, and inter-column support: Some construction drawings indicate the partial arrangement of the roof support on the inter-column support map, and have been calculated when calculating the roof support, and should not be calculated again. In the case, look at the drawings of the roof support and the wall support.

4. Other matters needing attention

4.1 When calculating the specific gravity of the profile, especially the H-section steel and steel pipe, do not forget to reduce the thickness of the reduction. For example, when calculating the specific gravity of a steel pipe, do not calculate it as round steel, and the area occupied by the inner diameter should be subtracted.

4.2 When looking at the proportion of materials on the hardware manual or other materials, be sure to look clearly, do not check the error.

4.3 When calculating the specific gravity of the C-type purlin, it can be calculated according to the expanded area.

4.4 The skeleton of hollow sun panels, aluminum-plastic panels and other decorative surface materials should not be missed.

4.5 All calculations are required to be carefully and carefully. Don't be sloppy. Under normal circumstances, two calculations should be performed. It should be remembered that "there is a thousand miles lost, and a thousand miles". The calculation accuracy is low or the error is wrong, and the consequences will be very serious. In addition, it is necessary to be ashamed to ask, humbly and eager to learn; often go deep into the first line of engineering, understand and be familiar with various construction techniques and processes, deepen the impression, and lay the foundation for better pre-clearing work.

Third, the structural construction drawing

1. General description of structural design

1.1 Material: The material corresponding to each part (steel column, beam, rafter, support, etc.), such as Q235, Q345, the strength grade requirements of high-strength bolts;

1.2 Welding quality requirements: weld quality grade, non-destructive testing requirements, such as splicing weld quality grade should reach level 1, requiring 100% flaw detection, secondary weld 20% flaw detection, involving the calculation of non-destructive testing costs.we are steel structure house manufacturer and provide steel structure house,we can guarantee quality.

1.3 Rust removal requirements: manual and power tools for rust removal (St), spray or projectile rust removal (Sa). Different descaling levels have different rust removal costs.

1.4 Paint (painting) requirements: paint type, number of paintings, film thickness, fire rating, fire resistance of each part.

2. Floor plan, elevation, section, node detail:

2.1 The following engineering quantities can be calculated in sequence:

2.1.1 Pre-embedded iron parts: including pre-embedded positioning plates, pre-embedded bolts and nuts;

2.1.2 Steel columns, wind-resistant columns, steel beams, crane beams;

2.1.3 Roof support, tie rods, inter-column support, canopy skeleton;

2.1.4 roof rafters, wall rafters, roofing and wall rafters, tie rods;

2.1.5 During the calculation process, pay attention to the calculation of the connection between the crane beam and the column, the slab, the roof and the wall slab, the connection between the truss and the steel column, the beam, and the steel casing of the diagonal rod. Pay attention to the number of high-strength bolts.

2.2 If there are material tables listed in the drawings, the dimensions, specifications and quantities of the parts in the table can be checked according to the part numbers listed in the material table, and whether there are less calculations, missing calculations and miscalculations.

2.3 Pay attention to whether there are design changes and modifications, supplementary explanations, and Q&A.

Common terms and specifications for steel structure design

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