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Light steel villa in the future industry development

2018/11/7 9:28:47

  The light steel villa's light steel construction parts are factory-made and mechanized, and the light steel villa is compared to traditional houses.
  The level of commercialization is high. The light steel villa's on-site construction speed is fast, mainly for dry work, which is conducive to civilized construction. The steel construction of the light steel villa is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product. The light steel villa has a lightweight and good seismic performance.

The comprehensive economic indicators of light steel villa are not higher than reinforced concrete structures. Compared with brick-and-mortar houses, the light steel villa can prevent waste of resources caused by earth-burning bricks. Light steel villa because of the small thickness of the wall of the light steel structure, can increase the effective use area than the brick-concrete structure.

light steel villa tit.jpg

Light steel villa has the advantages of lightweight, high strength, good plastic toughness, safety and reliability, a high degree of industrialization and fast construction speed. It has the unique quality of development in the three aspects of “high, big and light”. Steel structure has attracted the attention of the industry because of its own superiority and has been applied reasonably and rapidly in engineering.

In the next 10 years, the development of steel structure will be faster. In order to make China's light steel structure play a greater role in the economic field of the new century and narrow the gap with foreign counterparts, in addition to strengthening the management of government departments, scientific research, design, construction units and Light steel structure manufacturers should work together to promote the development of China's light steel villa industry.

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