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How to do high-altitude bulk steel structure

2019/9/23 14:43:24

How to do high-altitude bulk steel structure

Steel structure installation points

(1)Coefficient of friction: where F is the force measured by the anti-slip test to cause the initial slip of the test piece, and nf is the number of friction faces, which is the sum of the measured values of the high-strength bolt tightening pre-tension corresponding to F.

(2)Initial tightening torque: In order to reduce the influence of steel plate deformation during bolt tightening, secondary tightening can be used to reduce the mutual influence between successive tightening bolts. The high-strength bolt is first screwed for the first time, so that the axial force should reach 60%-80% of the standard axial force.

(3)Torque coefficient: where d is the nominal diameter of the high-strength bolt (mm), M is the applied torque value (N.M), and P is the bolt pre-tightening force. 10.9 high-strength large hexagon bolt connection must ensure that the average value of the torque coefficient K is 0.110~0.150. The standard deviation should be less than or equal to 0.010.

(4)Final tightening torque: The torque for the final tightening of the high-strength bolt is the final tightening torque. Considering the loss of various prestresses, the final tightening torque is generally 5% to 10% larger than the theoretically calculated torque value according to the design pretension. The reason for the damage of the steel structure and the technical measures for the reinforcement are also damaged. We need to find out the problem immediately.

Steel structure grids introduce the main factors of steel structure damage:

(1)Insufficient structural bearing capacity due to load changes, overtime service, changes in specifications and procedures;

(2)The components are deformed, twisted, disfigured, sunken, etc. due to various accidents, resulting in weakened cross-section of the members, warpage of the members, cracking of the joints, etc.;

(3)causing deformation or cracking of components or joints under temperature difference;

(4)Corrosion due to chemical attack and electrochemical corrosion cause the structural section of the steel structural member to be weakened;

(5)Others include mistakes in design, production, construction, and illegal use and operation during the service period.we are steel structure house(steel structure building) manufacturer and provide steel structure house(steel structure building).

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