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How to Assemble one Folding Container House

2021/1/5 16:11:33

  Weizhengheng Folading container house is designed and many advantages, such as fast and easy assembled, four minute to finish one house. The electricty cable lines are ready made for you. It can be folded up, and loaded into 40HQ with ten units, which can save the cost on transportation. However, many friends are worried about whether it will eak while raining. Today we do a test for four hours unders the water! It is very safe!

  How to Assemble one Folding Container House(1).jpg

Many friends are curious for how to assemble a folding container house. How is it possible to finish one house only 4 steps=4 minutes= 1 house. So easy. Please what this video.

  Folding container unit size: 5800mm x 2500mm x 2500mm

  One 40HQ can load 10 units

  Main material: Galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel wall and doors, windows, etc.

  wall: 50mm EPS/rockwool sandwich panel

  Floor finish: 1.6mm vinyl flooring


  (1) Fast installation: 10minutes/unit, save labor cost;

  (2) Anti-rust: all material use hot glavanized steel;

  (3) Waterproof ;

  (4) Fireproof:Fire rating A grade;

  (5) Simple foundation: just need the ground surface levelling;

  (6) Wind-resistant(11 level) and anti-seismic(9 grade)

  (7) Snow Load CapacityOf Roofing: 0.65kn/m2

  (8) Heat ConductivityCoefficient: 0.35kcal/m2hc

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