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How To make the house more attractive?

2021/3/31 13:50:30

The container house is popular ,widely used as the resort , holiday house , family living homes , office , camping house etc , some of the them make it as the villa .

The standard container house looks normal , more and more customers would like to make it looks more luxury .

In order to meet such kinds needs . There is several options as below ,
1.Cladding board
PU metal carved board is the most popular and durable . It is with 16 mm PU insulation . The top side with the different color and grain style .

2.Double slope roof
It is highly recommend option if the local is hot , cold , much rain , with heavy snow .
If would like to make the houses looks like the villa ,also can choose it .
The steel structure is the G550 Galvalume AZ150 , which is with high strength and good corrosion resistance . The roof sheet can be single color steel sheet or the 50 mm sandwich panel , with the optional color (Grey , white grey , red , blue etc )

Some customer would like to add the balcony at the front of the house . Then it makes feel much comfortable

4.Internal wall decoration
1)The wall paper as the normal wall decoration
2)Bamboo wood fiberboard can be used as the wall and ceiling decoration
3)PVC board for the wall of the bathroom

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How To make the house more attractive

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