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Hot Dip Galvalume Steel For Sale

2021/3/5 14:03:10

-dipped galvanized steel sheet is characterized by protection base metal(Fe) as corrosion resistance of zinc itself and acts effective sacrificed-anodic of zinc. It is characterized by extremely excellent workability due to produced by continuous annealing, temper rolling and after treatment process.
The hot dip galvalume steel is a kind of coated steel . With the cold rolled steel of different strength and thickness as substrate ,it is produced through applying Al-zn coat on both faces by hotdip process . In its coating , Al accounts for about 55% , Si 1.6% , Zn43 . 4 % . It enjoys both the physical protective feature and durabil -ity of Al and the electrochemical protective property of Zn. And its surface has bright silver color and regular embossed-like fig -ure , which are highly decorative.



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