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Do you know a house , which will use 15 minutes to finish the assemble ?

2019/4/2 11:04:31

Nowadays more and more person need the fast assemble prefab house , which can save labor , energy and cost ,and easily to disassemble to move to another place .
The answer is the foldable container house can meet such request.we are provide cxpandable container house,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of cxpandable container house.
The assemble method as as below to understand well.
After assemble , it can use directly.If needed , the bathroom and the partition wall can be added as needs .  
In order to meet the larger area , we can use 2 units combined together by long side .
The detail specification as below,
Such kind of house is widely used in municipal construction houses, such as temporary warehouses, storerooms, tool rooms, small production rooms.
For fieldwork: movable offices, on various construction sites, temporary residence, post-earthquake resettlement, on the road, railway, construction sites, emergency housing for wind power, thermal power, photovoltaic, petroleum,rural dilapidated buildings.
WZH Group is specialized in the prefab house and always developing and improving the all the model of the house , and can custom made the house as the customers’request to meet all the possible  needs .

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cxpandable container house

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