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Customized 40ft expandable container house

2019/4/16 16:26:38

40ft expandable house is one home,which has been produced in our factory,when the customer receives it,unfolded and can stay at once.we are provide flat pack container house,we can guarantee the quality of flat pack container house.

The main materials of the move expandable house are: galvanized square tube, C steel, angle iron and other galvanized materials welded together (galvanized material has a good corrosion resistance); the insulation materials of portable move houses:sandwich panel (thermal insulation ).

Expandable house due to in the factory has been decorated, easy to install simple , efficient manpower, the overall movement and other characteristics,which is very popular in foreign countries.

It is with twice area of the 20ft expandable container house to meet different needs  . 

Expandable Size : 6400*11800*2530 mm 

Closed Size : 2250*11800*2530 mm 

2 bedroom , 1 bathroom with 1 big living room with kitchen  

Other available house layout 

Main parts of the expandable container house : 

Steel frame : Q235/Q345 welded , then painted or galvanized 

Wall / roof : EPS / PU sandwich panel 50/75 mm 

Floor : Structural board + PVC floor 

Ceiling : corrugated steel sheet 

Sanitary : Shower room , wash basin and the toilet 

Window : Double glazed PVC  / aluminium alloy window

Door : Double glass door / Safety door or as request 

Cupboard : optional 

Electrics and pipelines : available, as request in different standard , AU/USA/French standard etc .

The exterior wall decoration : PVC cladding board , with the light steel frame system , make the house looks like a villa house . 

Steel frame  , welded by the square tube to make the house stable 

Roof/ Wall insulation materials  ,usually by 50/75 EPS sandwich panel 

Reference interior photos 

Welcome to contact us with the detail needs or request , we are very glad to help! 

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