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Create a different villa wooden house

2018/10/13 13:30:50

Among the reinforced concrete that has been in the city for a long time, perhaps the eager thing is to seek nature between the countryside and pursue a moment of relaxation and leisure. With the development of rural tourism, the log cabin for which once existed in fairy tales and has the scent of logs is also returning to the public's view and is increasingly sought after by tourists.

Log cabin for how to build, how to decorate, its advantages and development trend, Xiaobian prepared a log cabin for construction guide for you, I hope you can learn about log cabin for and a log cabin for travel Come to some inspiration.

Log cabin for not only warm in winter and cool in summer, moisturizing and moisturizing, but also reflect the unique cultural atmosphere of the farm; it also has the functions of regulating humidity, antibacterial, bactericidal and insect-proof, so it enjoys the reputation of “breathing house”; Feel free to carry out the design of individual style, short construction period, environmental protection, no pollution, high structural strength, not only suitable for the setting requirements of the farm but also to meet the travel requirements and experience of tourists staying.

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With the continuous development of the economy, more and more real estate developers, design companies, construction units, and ordinary consumers have a strong interest in wood construction. Based on the advantages of green environmental protection, flexible design and competitive cost, wood structure construction technology has experienced the introduction period of initial market development in China, showing a trend of rapid growth.

According to relevant surveys, people's understanding of wooden houses has gradually deepened. In recent years, the construction of wooden structures has developed rapidly. From the enthusiasm of real estate development to the wooden structure of tourist attractions and leisure and entertainment clubs, the pursuit of the wooden structure has never stopped. Some industry experts pointed out that the development potential of wooden houses is the  in the development of tourist wooden houses. In terms of China's national conditions and residents' living habits, there is still a big gap in the development of wooden houses to become an important part of the living environment. However, the demand for tourism and leisure is increasing day by day, so the leisure wooden houses of tourist attractions will become the main development direction of the next stage of wooden structure houses.

Living in a wooden house, you can experience the artistic conception of "Mingyue Songs, Qingquan Stones", and have a flavor. The wooden house era is a way of life. It refers to the new residence in the tourist scenic spot, with the wooden house culture as the core vein, the wooden house construction as the characteristic landscape, combined with the natural environment, folk customs and other carriers. life experience. The main features are nature, simplicity, wildness, and leisure. Its manifestations include tree houses, wooden houses, and bamboo houses.

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