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Cracked hollow phenomenon of steel structure fireproof coating

2019/6/6 15:53:56

In the steel structure fireproof coating after construction drying, there will be a bulging phenomenon when the fireproof coating is delaminated or tapped again, the surface has obvious unevenness, and there are defects such as loose powder and floating pulp, causing rework, these problems What are the causes and treatment methods?

Cause Analysis:

1.The coating is too thick, the surface has been dried and consolidated, and the interior is still in the process of curing.

2.When the thick coating is not dried until the coating can be applied, a new layer of protective coating is applied.we provide steel structure house,you can know it.

3.The temperature of the fireproof coating construction environment is too high, causing the surface to solidify and crack.


1.It should be mixed according to the requirements of the fireproof coating product specification, and coated in multiple thickness according to the steel structure construction process.

2.Cover the thick coating with a new coating, which should be done after the minimum coating interval of the thick coating.

3,in the summer high temperature, painting construction should avoid exposure, and pay attention to maintenance.

4.The coating on the surface of the coating with a local crack width greater than the acceptance specification shall be repaired.

5.The method of treating the crack of the coating can be carried out by using a pneumatic tool or a hand tool to remove the crack and the coating of the surrounding area and then layer and multi-layer for repair coating.

In summary, the phenomenon of cracking and hollowing of the steel structure fireproof coating is caused by the excessive thickness of the coating and the excessive temperature. According to the above-mentioned prevention and treatment measures, timely treatment should be taken at the same time, and attention should be paid to avoid this aspect. The reason is to increase construction time and cost.

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