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Can you image that it is the expandable container house?

2021/5/20 15:56:33

Can you image that it is the expandable container house

The house was built in Finland . Our lovely customer do the installation and add the balcony , gutter , blind and the roller door . It makes the house like a villa and comfortable to stay in . 

Project : 20ft expandable container house to Finland 

Application : Office

Basic information :

20 ft expandable container house : 37 m2 

Layout : 1 big room , without bathroom and kitchen 

Exterior wall decoration : 16 mm thick metal carved board 

Interior wall decoration : Bamboo wood fiberboard

Extra Roof : Light gauge steel frame with 50 mm eps sandwich panel 

Electrical : European standard 

Assemble :

It is 99% pre assembled house , easy and fast to do the installation. 

The decoration and the double slope roof need to be assembled at the building site . 

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