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Basic Information For Steel Structure Warehouse Design and Quote

2019/12/3 14:14:17

Steel structure warehouse can not be built casually, there should be professional engineering team to design, processing and installation. Then it can ensure the building’s safety, durability and stability. So what information should be supplied to get the most suitable design and price accordingly?

Most important:

1.Size: length, width and height (eave height & ridge height)

  This is the foundation to design the warehouse or calculate the materials quantity.

2.Project local strongest wind speed or snow load, also can tell us requested wind load or roof load directly.

  This is very important for beam and columns size and it also will influence the final materials quantity. 

3.Whether need insulated roof and wall material for the steel structure warehouse

  If this project is located in very cold or very hot area, but the goods stocked inside or people work inside request special temperature, then sandwich panel will be the best choice. If insulation is not important and the budget is limited, single layer steel sheet can meet the requirement.

Other information which also will influence the design and quotation:

1.Whether need a crane and crane quantity

2.Door and windows size and quantity

3.Special inside layout

steel structure warehouse manufacturer told WZH GROUP as steel structure house supplier can supply design service, customize service, production, delivery, installation guidance. Any questions or requirement for your project, contact us directly, our professional engineer will supply the most suitable plan and best price for you!

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