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Australia Light gauge steel frame assembled offsite

2018/8/4 13:11:52

WZH New Wall System

WZH Light Gauge Steel Framed Structure with Infill Polyurethane Wall (WZH LGSFS-IPW)

Brief Description

Light Gauge Steel Framed Structure with Infill PU Wall (LGSFS-IPW) Techonology is an innovative emerging building and construction techonology using facory made Light Gauge Steel Framed Structure (LGSFS), insulated material-PU and MGS Board(Magnesium sulfate board). The LGS frame is a "c" cross-section with built in notch, dimpling, slots, service holes etc. produced by computerized roll forming machine. MGS board shall be manufacturerd at factory and fixed on either side of the wall frame using self-drilling/tapping screws to act as outer and inner faces of the wall leaving a gap between them. This gap shall then be filled with polyurethane material to combine outer and inner faces together. Electrical and plumbing pipes/conduits shall be provided in the sevice holes of the LGSFS before pu filling is done. WZH LGSFS-IPW wall panels have different types suchas standard wall, window wall, door wall, T-wall, L-wall, intersecting wall etc, and each one has groove and tongue, which ensures installation easily and fast.

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