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Two  floors  prefab apartment Two  floors  prefab apartment Two  floors  prefab apartment Two  floors  prefab apartment Two  floors  prefab apartment

Two floors prefab apartment


2 floor prefab buildings  , steel framed prefab house

Technical Data :

Area : 475 m2

8 bedroom 

6 bathroom 

2 kitchen

Total cost  (FOB Tianjin ): USD 112,000 / set

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Product Information

 2 floor prefab buildings  , steel framed prefab house

The cement foam house is made with the foam cement panel, which is made of Galvanized steel , concrete and foam .

It is the hybrid of the reinforced concrete building and the modular house . 

Compare with the traditional building ,  It is easier and quicker to assemble  , Lower cost , green to environment , Suitable for the family living , school building , apartment etc

Advantage : 

Safety & Solidity 

Fast and easy -Built

Eco-friendly materials 

customized layout and decoration

Life Spain: More than 50 years 

A1 fire-proof , good thermal insulation ,  anti-seismic , sound resistance ,

Prefab Cement Foam House detail introduction

A. House body part

Roof  panel / Wall panel  / Floor support  :  EPS cement board

Purlin : No need

Roof truss : Galvanized C channel / Square pipe

A beam : Galvanized / Welded steel structure

Truss support Floor :  Q 235/Q345 H steel

B. Window & Door

Window :  PVC window  , Aluminium-alloy window or Broken bridge Aluminium window with Glazed glass or as requested . 

Door : Safety-door , Wood door , Titanium magnesium alloy door etc. 

C. House decoration

Roof : Asphalt Shingle , Stone coated roof tile  , PVC roofing etc 

External Wall  : Culture stone , Latex paint , PVC cladding panel , cement  wood grain board etc 

Inside wall : White wall by putty and paint / Wall paper etc

Ceiling :  gypsum board , integrated ceiling

D. Floor

Ceramic Tile /   wood tile

E. Electrical

Electrical wire Premade inside the panel , Lights , switch , socket , switch box etc 

F. Bathroom system

G. Kitchen

Cabinet & Sink

Installation :
Very quick and easy to assemble , 100m2 per day for 6 workers

Package &Loading

Foam cement house material usually load in 40 HQ   , around 100 m2 / 40 HQ   , 40-50 m2 /20ft container

Application :

Prefab appartment

Modular 2 floor prefab house

Prefab steel framed villa house

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